Odoo Code Hints

Odoo Code Hints

Odoo Python Monkey Patch

Monkey Patch in Python

Mustufa Rangwala
December 2018   145 views

Float time to Hours Mins Conversion Python Odoo

Python Float Time to Hours

Mustufa Rangwala
December 2018   58 views

Sitemap.xml Odoo

Odoo Sitemap

Mustufa Rangwala
December 2017   227 views

Odoo Format Amount in Portugese

Float Field Format

Mustufa Rangwala
November 2017   229 views

Odoo Passing Value in Website Popup Wizard V11

Website Popup Wizard Pass Value

Mustufa Rangwala
November 2017   258 views

Load Default Value from Controller to Page Web Editor

Controller Default value Return to Web Form

Mustufa Rangwala
October 2017   240 views

Odoo Frontend JS Vs Backend JS

Java Script Odoo

Mustufa Rangwala
October 2017   306 views

Odoo RPC Call Python Script

Odoo RPC Call Python Script

Mustufa Rangwala
September 2017   312 views

Odoo Translation Create i18n

Odoo i18n Create

Mustufa Rangwala
September 2017   292 views

Odoo POS T-extend preserve


Mustufa Rangwala
September 2017   310 views

Odoo field does not exits Partner or User

Odoo fields does not exists

Mustufa Rangwala
August 2017   276 views

Odoo Round 15 Mins in Float Field

Odoo Rounding Method

Mustufa Rangwala
July 2017   292 views

Odoo Barcode Print Product EAN13

Odoo Barcode

Mustufa Rangwala
July 2017   342 views

Odoo Template Extend in Custom Module

Template Extend - Inheritance Odoo

Mustufa Rangwala
July 2017   383 views

Decimal Places on QWeb and Kanban View

Decimal Places

Mustufa Rangwala
June 2017   355 views

Odoo Return Domain on onchange method many2many

Odoo Domain with Onchange

Mustufa Rangwala
May 2017   513 views

Odoo Write Another field on Compute Field change

Odoo Compute Field Trigger Write for Other field Change

Mustufa Rangwala
April 2017   653 views

Odoo List View Sort Order Odoo One2many

Odoo Sorting List View

Mustufa Rangwala
March 2017   334 views

Odoo Tab Page Auto Focus on Click Menu Odoo

Odoo Autofocus Tab

Mustufa Rangwala
March 2017   810 views

Odoo JS/XML Example Sign in Sign out Attedance

Odoo 10

Mustufa Rangwala
March 2017   363 views

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