Probuse Odoo Apps

Probuse Odoo Apps

Odoo Animal Shelter and Rescue Management

Animal and Birds Shelter and Rescue

Mustufa Rangwala
September 2020   29 views

Odoo Sales Team Limited Customer Access

Sales Team Members Customer Access Restriction

Mustufa Rangwala
September 2020   123 views

Odoo Schedule Activity Multi Company

Multi Company for Activities of Users

Mustufa Rangwala
August 2020   42 views

Lift Elevator Management and Maintenance Odoo

Lift Manage in Odoo

Mustufa Rangwala
August 2020   69 views

Odoo Helpdesk Ticket Type Email Alias

Email Alias for Ticket Type

Mustufa Rangwala
August 2020   17 views

Odoo Parking Management App

Vehicle Parking Management in Odoo

Mustufa Rangwala
August 2020   230 views

Odoo Password Protected PDF

PDF Password Security

Mustufa Rangwala
August 2020   235 views

Odoo Create Repair Order from Manufacturing Order

Create Repair Order from MRP Order

Mustufa Rangwala
August 2020   68 views

Odoo Portal Shipments Picking and Delivery

Customer and Vendor Portal for Pickings and Deliveries

Mustufa Rangwala
August 2020   57 views

Odoo Account Asset Maintenance Management

Asset Maintenance Manage in Odoo

Mustufa Rangwala
August 2020   72 views

Odoo Appoinment Portal on Website Account

Portal for Appoinment for Customer

Mustufa Rangwala
July 2020   77 views

Odoo Sales Quotation Quote Number

Sales quote Number

Mustufa Rangwala
July 2020   55 views

Odoo Create Timesheet from Attendance

Create Timesheet Entry from Attendance Form

Mustufa Rangwala
July 2020   84 views

Odoo Journal Restriction by Users

Account Journal Restricted by Users

Mustufa Rangwala
July 2020   94 views

Odoo Attendance Dashboard

Attendance Dashboard

Mustufa Rangwala
July 2020   71 views

Odoo Attendance with Project and Tasks

Project and Task Select on Attendance

Mustufa Rangwala
July 2020   55 views

Odoo Menu Item Password Protected

Password / PIN for Menu Item Security

Mustufa Rangwala
July 2020   121 views

Odoo Amount in Words Total

Amount in Words for Invoice, Sales and Purchase

Mustufa Rangwala
July 2020   56 views

Odoo Approval Request PDF Print

My Approval Request in PDF

Mustufa Rangwala
July 2020   67 views

Odoo Job Position Grid Website View Page

Website Job Page Grid View

Mustufa Rangwala
July 2020   74 views

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