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Presentation of new Odoo features

Log a Note using Python Code

Using Automated Action

Probuse Admin
May 2021   1218 views

Odoo Account Journal Sequence

Account Journal Sequence Odoo 14.0

Probuse Admin
March 2021   1545 views

Odoo Automated Action with Add Followers

Add Followers using Python Code

Probuse Admin
December 2020   1209 views

Odoo 14 Expected Features and Roadmap

Odoo 14 Features Expected

Probuse Admin
September 2020   1021 views

Odoo Unpaid Leaves Time off with Payslip Deduction

Time off Leaves with Payslip Deduction

Probuse Admin
July 2020   1017 views

Odoo Developer Jobs

Odoo Developer Jobs

Probuse Admin
June 2020   924 views

Odoo Language Translation

Language Translation PO / POT in i18n

Probuse Admin
April 2020   1035 views

Membership Request in Odoo Members

Membership Request in Odoo Website

Probuse Admin
March 2020   1038 views

Odoo Employee Leaves and Payslips Setup

Employee Leaves Deduction in Payslips

Probuse Admin
July 2019   1235 views

Automated Action to Create Activity on Quote Creation

Automated Action with Activity

Probuse Admin
March 2019   1409 views

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Probuse Consulting Service Pvt Ltd

Probuse Admin
December 2017   1535 views

Odoo Product Lot Barcode Label Print

Odoo Product Lot and Barcode

Probuse Admin
November 2017   2233 views

Synch existing PO and POT after Module Change Odoo

Odoo PO/POT -  i18n

Probuse Admin
November 2017   1701 views

Install Ubuntu on Acer Laptop

Ubuntu Acer

Probuse Admin
October 2017   4717 views

Odoo Experience Event 2017

OdooExperience Event Odoo 2017

Probuse Admin
October 2017   1863 views

Odoo Project and Task Access by  Project User

Odoo Project Access Rights

Probuse Admin
August 2017   1552 views

Odoo Accounting Opening Entry - Year Closing

Odoo Opening Balance

Probuse Admin
February 2017   3278 views

Product Configuration Ecommerce - Odoo

Odoo Product - Shop - Ecommerce

Probuse Admin
September 2016   1977 views