Cloth Tailoring Request with Job Cost Sheet

Job Costing for Cloth Tailor App Odoo

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Job Cost Sheet for Cloth Tailor's Request

Job Costing for Cloth Request in Odoo

Cloth Tailor's Request Integrate with Job Cost Sheet

This app allows you to create or edit a job cost sheet for a cloth tailor request.

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Main Features:

  • Allow you to set material, labour, and overheads items with quantity on the cloth request form, and using it allow you to create a new job cost sheet or edit the existing job cost sheet for that project.
  • You can specify materials that are going to be consumed for that cloth request, labour going to work on that request, and overheads going to occur for that cloth request.
  • System will allow you to choose whether you want to create new cost sheet or you want to append lines in an existing cost sheet.
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