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Financial Reports with Journal Items - Website

This module enables the feature accountant/adviser to print Financial Reports from website and allow them to drag level to journal items and journal entry of related account on Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet. (Invoicing/Reports/PDF Reports/Web Financial Report)

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Security: By considering fact that since we have been developing Financial report which must be highly protected so we have covered tight security so that only Accountant group of people in your system can go to page and access/print report and drag level to journal items and journal entry.If you are not user of Accountant group or if your are public or portal user and try to access page it will give you access error. (You are not authorised to accss this page.).

So all data are secure and no one can access without having accountant group. This module also support comprision feature as well. We can say same report which you print in backend as PDF it will be printed on website by considering all filters.. The main benefit of using our app that your accountant can go to depth of journal items and journal entry level..

Please see below screen for more details..This module allow you to print P&L and B&S reports same like Odoo backend where you select option of print Financial report. 

Main advantage of this app is your accountant can modify/update values on journal entry in backend and come back to web page and Refresh will show latest figures...:)

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