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Grants / Fund Applications Website Page

Grant Seeker and Grant Makers Information Page on Website

This app adds a website page for grant contribution and grant application for information purpose to your website visitors. Grant contribution website page will list all the grant seeker proposals which you are creating in the backend while Grant application will list out all the grant types which you are creating in the backend as shown in below screenshots.

Odoo CMS- Sample image floating  

Main Features:

  • Allow your website visitors to view grant contributions and grant applications as information on the website page.
  • Grant Seeker Proposal = Grant Contribution Page in the frontend while Grant Types = For Grant Maker's purpose.
  • Allow you to publish grant seeker proposals on the backend so it can be visible on the grant continuation page on the frontend.
  • Allow you to publish a grant type on the backend so it can be visible on the grant application page on the frontend.
  • Please note that the app while clicking apply button on both the pages, allows your website visitor to contact you using your website contact us page. And the app does not change anything on the odoo contact us page.
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