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Website by Country/Region and Language Redirection

This module enables the feature to add multiple domain selection on your website and redirect to selected domain directly on configured domain.

This module add website domain selection on top of website pages which will allow website users to select and redirect to other domains of your company websites.

This can be used where you have hosted multiple websites using Odoo website builder. For example your company are located in many countries having different domains and you have global domain like .com and then you are allowing your website users to jump to your country website domain.

You have to configure/list all your domains in website admin menu in backend. 

We have also provided website_multi_domain/flags-mini folder inside module where you will all icons for different countries. 

Important notes: You may have to upgrade your version of werkzeug greater than 0.8. We have tested with 0.9 and 0.11 it is working fine. 

Command: sudo pip install werkzeug==0.11.4


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