Odoo Agriculture and Farm Management

Odoo Agriculture

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Odoo Agriculture / Farm Management

This app allow to manage farm and agriculture business.

Main Features

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  • Agriculture/Crop Requests : Allow User to create a Crop Request for Different Crops during periods or seasons.
  • Agriculture/Crops/Crops : Allow you to configure Crops which your business dealing with and also allow to setup things like Crop Materials , Labours, Overheads, Dieases , Processes , Descriprion for that crop.
  • Agriculture/Crops/Process Template : Configuration of Processes Of Crops.
  • Agriculture/Incidents : Differnet Incidents Of Crops which may be occured while doing crop in farm.
  • Agriculture/Dieases Cures : Dieases Cures of Crops.
  • Agriculture/Projects : System will create Projects of crops from crop request.
  • Agriculture/Tasks : System will create Tasks Of Crop Projects. So you manage your jobs of crop on farm using tasks management of odoo.
  • Agriculture/Configuration/Farmers : Setup your Farmers
  • Agriculture/Configuration/Farm Locations : Farm Locations Of Different Farmers
  • Agriculture/Configuration/Animals : Animals setup which is used for Crops.
  • Agriculture/Configuration/Fleets : Setup of Fleets Which is used for Crops.
  • Agriculture/Configuration/Stages : Different Tasks Stages Of Crops.
  • Agriculture/Crop Requests : Print PDF - Crop Requests Report
  • Agriculture/Crops : Print PDF - Crops Report
  • For more details please see below screenshots and video.

Menus Available:

  • Agriculture
    • Agriculture/Crop Requests
      • Agriculture/Crop Requests/Crop Requests
    • Agriculture/Crops
      • Agriculture/Crops/Crops
      • Agriculture/Crops/Process Template
    • Agriculture/Incidents
    • Agriculture/Dieases Cures
    • Agriculture/Projects
      • Agriculture/Projects/Projects
      • Agriculture/Projects/Tasks
    • Agriculture/Configuration
      • Agriculture/Configuration/Farmers
      • Agriculture/Configuration/Farm Locations
      • Agriculture/Configuration/Animals
      • Agriculture/Configuration/Fleets
      • Agriculture/Configuration/Stages
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