Odoo Audit Internal Audit and External Audit

Odoo Internal and External Audit

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Audit Request Form (Internal and External)

Odoo App for Internal and External Audit Request and Flow

This app allow you to create audit request. Internal Audit and External Audit request can be created using audit request form.

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Main Features:

  • Allow your audit team to create internal audit request.
  • Allow your audit team to create external audit request.
  • This app can be used for any kind/type of audit in your company. For example it can be used to audit your accounting, budget, project, sales data, employee performance, working jobs, products inventory, valuation etc etc.. So this app we made for generic so it can be used as generic audit for all your company audit purpose requests.
  • Audit Requester can create request and Audit Approver/Manager can process audit request and audit it and then put audit request.
  • You can request audit to external agent/partner and external audit agent can view request on frontend my account portal and communicate using chatter on portal.
  • Audit tags can be configure.
  • Audit category can be configure.
  • Print Audit request report.
  • Download load