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Odoo Car Washing Management App

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This module allow you to manage online request from your customer for Car Washing and manage it in backend by your car washing teams.

Main Features

* Your Customers can send Car Washing Repair request from your website and also attach documents.

* Generation of unique Car Washing Repair Request number on submission and record it as Car Washing Repair Request in backend.

* Customer can check status of all Car Washing Repair Requests submitted by him/her on My Account page / Portal.

* Print PDF - Car Washing Repair Request

* Car Washing User / Technician can communicate with customer using chatter and fill timesheets on workings.

* Car Washing Manager can close Car Washing Repair Request and send repair request for feedback to customer.

* Customer can give feedback and rating of Car Washing Repair Request.

* Manage your Car Washing Repair using assignment to multiple Car Washing teams.

* For more details see video.

General Workflow:

- Customer come on website and want to book Car Washing Request.

- Customer go to link to Create Car Washing Request.

- Customer can see form and fill details. (View Timeslots button allow him to see available time to meet Team / Member of Car washing Team /Representative).- Customer can choose multiple services

- Pricing are shown if price not available on service form in backend then it will show 'Ask Advisor for Pricing'

- Customer can choose Year, Make, Model and enter number plate / License Plate. (System will search License Plate in odoo list of fleets/vehicle and if found then it automatically link Vehicle in backend otherwise Car washing team manager has to create new vehicle.).

- On submission of Car Washing Repair Request system will create car washing repair request in backend as well as create appointment/meeting with Team member.

- Car washing manager can open Car Washing Repair Request in backend see detail entered by customer and also fill some details manually and assign that request to technical or repair use.

- Car washing manager will create vehicle (if not available in system), service logs, repair order.

- Car washing user can work on repair request and fill timesheet.

- Car washing manager can close request and that will send email to customer to request for feedback.

- Customer can fill online feedback.

Menus Available:

  • Car Washing
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      • Car Washing Requests
    • Cars
      • Cars
    • Analytic Account
      • Contracts
    • Reports
      • Car Washing Analysis
    • Car Service Types
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    • Configuration
      • Appointment Slots
      • Car Washing Teams
      • Car Models
      • Model Make of Car
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