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Construction Payroll Odoo

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Odoo Payroll for Construction and Job Contracting Industry

This app allow you to have payroll system for your construction and job contracting business. For detail scope of app please see features listed and screenshots.

Main Features:

Odoo CMS- Sample image floating  
  • - Allow you to enter timecard/timesheet for employee along with different worktypes (like Regular, Overtime, etc..).
  • - You can create salary rules for different worktype - Use python code and pass worktype code and you will get amount in payslip automatically. Example: _get_work_type_salary('REG', payslip.id).
  • - Allow you to configure various work types.
  • - Once payslip is computed and confirmed system will mark timesheet as PAID automatically.
  • - View of all related timesheet and timecard directly on Payslip form.
  • - Auto link of Payslip on Timesheet and Timecard.
  • - Odoo Payslip reports will show more details about work types and its amount and timesheets.
  • - Timesheet PDF report.
  • - For more details you can watch video.
  • Created Menus:

  • Timesheets/Configuration/Work Types
  • Timesheets/Timecards
  • Timesheets/Timecards/All Timecards
  • Timesheets/Timecards/My Timecard Card
  • Timesheets/Timecards/My Timecards
  • Timesheets/To Approve Timecards
  • Timesheets/To Approve Timecards/All Timecard Cards
  • Timesheets/To Approve Timecards/Timecards Card Approve
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