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Courier History Record Keeping

Send and Receive Courier Record Keeping

Courier Record-Keeping Odoo App

This app allows you to manage history record-keeping for couriers which you send from your company/factory/industry/shop/etc and which you received into your company/factory/industry/shop/etc.

Main Features:

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  • Allow your Internal users / Employees to create and confirm to send courier requests to the courier department.
  • After receiving a request for sending a courier from the employee, Courier Officer can fill up other details related to the courier and contact the courier company (manually by phone/email/chatter email).
  • Courier Officer can then Approve / Reject send courier requests and also create courier expense related purchase order.
  • Courier managers can set up configurations like tags, stages as shown in below screenshots.
  • Allow you to print a PDF report on send a courier request and receive courier request.
  • Courier Officers / Manager can fill up other details related to courier requests.
  • Important Note: This app is NOT made for courier companies.
  • Same time app will allow you to manage couriers which you receive from outside partners/contacts/customers/vendors/
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