Odoo Crop Scouting for Agriculture Farm App

Crop Scoutings

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Odoo Crop Scouting for Agriculture

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This app add feature of Crop Scouting for Agriculture so you are allow to create crop scouting form for crop and crop request and inputs data on it.

Main Features

  • Agriculture/Scoutings : Create Crop Scouting
  • Agriculture/Soil Temperatures : Soil Temperatures
  • Agriculture/Soil Conditions : Soil Conditions
  • Agriculture/Winds : Winds
  • Agriculture/Air Temperatures : Air Temperatures
  • Agriculture/Cloud Covers : Cloud Covers
  • Agriculture/Scouting Insects : Scouting Insects
  • Agriculture/Scouting Dieases : Scouting Dieases
  • Agriculture/Scouting Weeds : Scouting Weeds
  • Agriculture/Scouting Plant Populations : Plant Populations
  • Agriculture/Crop Requests : Smart Button of Scoutings on Crop Requests/li>
  • Agriculture/Crops : Smart Button of Scoutings on Crops
  • Agriculture/Scoutings : Print PDF - Scoutings Report.
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