Odoo Customer Invoice from Job Cost Sheet

Customer Invoice from Job Sheet

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Odoo Customer Invoice from Job Cost Sheet

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This module allow you to create customer invoice directly from Job Cost Sheet.


Allow you to create customer invoice from job cost sheet.

- Allow you to select option to take consideration of customer invoice qty. (Based on Actual Purchase Qty, Based On Actual Vendor Bill Qty, >Based Manual Invoice).

- Allow you to have option on wizard to create invoice where you can choose whether you want to raise invoice for material, labour, overheads.

- Auto compute customer invoiced qty. That means you can run create customer invoice wizard as manytime from job cost sheet and it won't consider qty which has been already invoiced to your customer. So it dynamically maintain hisotry of already invoiced qty for all three tabs (material, labour, overheads). Every time you run wizard it will only consider uninvoiced qty only.

- You can view all created invoices for that job cost sheet using smart button.- For more please see video.

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