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Odoo Customer and Supplier Loan(s) Management

This module allow to manage loan of your Customers/Suppliers/Partners.

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Main Features:

- Allowed Loan Manager to add Loan Proofs/Required Documents List.

- Allowed Loan Manager to add Loan Types.

- Allowed Loan Manager to add Loan Policies.

- Allowed Loan User and Manager to create Loan Request.

- Allowed Loan Manager to Approve Loan Request.- Unique Sequence for Loan Request.

- Allowed Accountant to Loan Disburse.- Create Disburse Accounting Journal Entry.

- Create Interest Receivable on Loan Accounting Journal Entry.- Allowed Accountant to Receive Loan Installments.

- Book Interest for Installment Accounting Entry.- Pay Installment Accounting Journal Entry.

- It will Create Interest on Loan Journal Entry and Loan Installment Accounting Entry.

- Allowed you to Print Loan Report.

- Allowed your Customers to see their Loans in Portal

- My Account Page.

Highlighted Steps:

Loan Request:

Create Loan Request->Apply Loan Request->Approve Loan Request->Compute Loan Installment->Disburse Loan->

Loan Installments:

Confirm Loan Installments -> Book Interest -> Pay


  • Loans
    • Loans
      • Loan Requests
      • Loan Requests to Approve
      • Loan Installments
    • Accounting
      • Loans to Disburse
    • Configuration
      • Loan Proofs
      • Loan Types
      • Loan Policies

  • Invoicing
    • Loans
      • Loan Requests
      • Loan Installments

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