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Document Attachment Expiry Reminder

Reminder Email Notification for Attachment Expiry

Odoo All Attachments | Documents Expiry Reminder

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This app allows your users to configure attachment start and end date of expiry and the system sends an email notification to responsible users before days configured on the setup form for that model.

Main Features:

  • Allow administration users to make attachments expiry setup under settings per model.
  • The system sends expiry reminder emails to all the responsible members to send attachment expiry mail.
  • Allow you to configure days before you want to get a reminder by email on the setup menu per model.
  • Allow you to configure email notification reminders for all the models in Odoo so it is a generic module that allows you to set up attachment expiry notification reminders.
  • Note that for every attachment you are creating in Odoo, you will have to set start and end date manually always. So start and end date must be set up by the user when they attach any document in Odoo by going into the attachment menu. (System does not set start date and end date manually).
  • Please note that below Fleet and Contract flow is just example but app will allow you to configure expiry setup on any model of Odoo where you could make attachments. For example Sales order, purchase order, invoices, CRM, Marketting, etc.
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