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Odoo Timesheet Missing Reminder to Employees

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This module will send reminder to your employees for their missing timesheets. System will allow you to configure reminder on department form for Daily, Weekly, Monthly so based on configuration employees under that department willl get reminder to fill timesheet. System will respect public holidays and weekend days so it won't be included in reminder emails. It will also respect if employee is on holidays then it won't be included.

Main Features:

  • Setting on Department for Reminder Type.
  • Setting on Employee form if you want to exclude employee in this reminder process.
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reminder to Employee to fill timesheet based on his/her department settings.
  • If employee forget to fill timesheet system will remind him by email.
  • Cron job to run reminder process automatically.
  • Weekly reminder will be on day you set on Timesheet settings.
  • For more details please check below screenshots and video.
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