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Timesheet Sheet

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Odoo Timsheet Sheet / Time Worksheet / Quick Timesheet

This app allow you to have filling of timesheet of employee on one place for whole week by project/task. This will save your time and make faster entry of timesheet lines in one place for employee.

Main Features

  • Allow your employee to fill Timesheet on Quick timesheet Menu.
  • This app also allow your HR department or responsible to fill Timesheet on behalf of Employee/Workers/Onsite Users.
  • Timesheet Manager can Approve and Create Timesheet lines at end of Workflow.
  • System is currently supporting weekly timesheet sheet only.
  • Weekly days show dynamic and you are allow to fill timesheet agaists your actual work types.
  • Setup of your work types.
  • For more details please watch video and below screenshots.

Menus Available:

  • Timesheets
    • Quick Timesheet
      • Quick Timesheets
    • Configuration
      • Work Types

Work Flow:

  • New ==> Confirmed ==> Approved ==> Timesheet Created ==> Cancelled
  • Employee can fill and Confirm Timesheet sheet for whole week (Monday to Sunday)
  • Timesheet Manager / Officer can Approve and Create Timesheet lines.

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