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Fleet/Auto/Vehicle Repair Service Scheduler, Online Request Management, and Fleet Integration

Main Features

This module allow you to manage online request from your customer for fleet/vehicle/service repairs and integration with Odoo Fleet Module.

This module is fully intergrated with Odoo Fleet module and repair module.

* Your Customers can send Fleet/Auto/Vehicle Repair request from your website and also attach documents.

* Generation of unique Repair Request on submission and record it as Repair Request in backend.

* Customer can check status of all Fleet Repair Requests submitted by him/her on My Account page / Portal.

* Print PDF - Fleet Repair Request* Repair User / Technician can communicate with customer using chatter and fill timesheets on workings.

* Repair Manager can close Repair Request and send repair request for feedback to customer.

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* Customer can give feedback and rating of Fleet Repair Request.* Manage your fleet repair request using assignment to multiple repair teams.  


General Workflow:

- Customer come on website and want to book fleet/auto/vehicle repair request.

- Customer go to link to create repair request.- Customer can see form and fill details. (View Timeslots button allow him to see available time to meet Advisor/Representative).

- Customer can choose multiple services - Pricing are shown if price not avaiable on service form in backend then it will show 'Ask Advisor for Pricing'

- Cusotmer can choose Year, Make, Model and enter number plate / License Plate. (System will search License Plate in odoo list of fleets/vehicle and if found then it automatically link Vehicle in backend otherwise repair manager has to create new vehicle.).

- On submission of repair request system will create repair request in backend as well as create appoinment/meeting with advisor.

- Repair manager can open repair request in backend see detail entered by customer and also fill some details manually and assign that request to technicial or repair use.

- Repair manager will create vehicle (if not available in system), service logs, repair order.

- Repair user can work on repair request and fill timesheet.- Repair manager can close request and that will send email to customer to request for feedback.

- Customer can fill online feedback.

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Menus Available:

  • Fleet Repair
  • Fleet Repair/Analytic Account
  • Fleet Repair/Analytic Account/Analytic Accounts
  • Fleet Repair/Configuration
  • Fleet Repair/Configuration/Appointment Slots
  • Fleet Repair/Fleet Repair
  • Fleet Repair/Fleet Repair/Fleet Repair Request
  • Fleet Repair/Reports
  • Fleet Repair/Reports/Repair Analysis

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