Odoo Helpdesk Ticket Start stop Timer and Digital Signature

Start Stop Timer and Digital Signature

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Helpdesk Support Ticket with Star/Stop/Pause Timer and Digital Signature

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This module allow you support user / technician / worker of tickets to make start/stop/pause timers and record time. This app also allow your technician to get customer signature on ticket on my account / portal.

Main Features:

  • Allow your technician or support user to start/stop/pause clock timer on ticket form of website portal my account page. So your technician can go to customer location start/stop/pause timer based on ticket he/she has been assigned and working.
  • Record Timer information on ticket form.
  • Durations are store on ticket form.
  • Allow your customer to sign on ticket. Signature box added on website page of users ticket list.
  • Digital signataure will be store in backend ticket record.
  • Allow you to do multipl start/stop/pause for same ticket.
  • On stop of timer system will automatically pass some of data and open mobile timesheet view where user can directly fill timesheet for his/her work.
  • Mobile / Tablets reponsive. You can also use this as web application on your browser like chrome, firefox etc..
  • Allow your technician to go onsite at customer location and access it on his/her mobile devices.
  • Fully integrated with backend tickets helpdesk app.
  • Note that this is not Android or IOS made application. This is made using core Odoo Web Responsive framework.
  • This app is depend on our support ticket app. You can see dependancies. So you will have all features of helpdesk ticket management
  • For more details please watch Video.
  • Any question you can contact us by email or from Probuse Website.
  • This is only for Odoo Community Edition. Download Now