Odoo Budget for Job Contracting and Construction Projects

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This app allow you to create and manage budgets based on analytic account/project for job contracting and construction..

Main Features
* Allow you to create budget for your project/jobs/construction contract.* Automatically synchronization with Job Cost Sheets for your projects.

* Give real picture of actual purchase, vendor bills, Timesheet on budget form based on material, labour and overheads.

* You have to configure Budget lines by Job, Job Cost line which will show you Planned amounts of material, Labour and overheads.

* Allow you to view material, labour and overhead actual amounts spent vs planned on budget form.

* Reporting/Pivot view of budget analysis.

* You can create budget for multiple job cost sheet and job cost lines.

* Budget lines allow you to see Planned and Actual Amounts and Qty's 

* For more details please watch Video.

* For details about job costing and construction management you can see app odoo_job_costing_management.

Menus Available:

  • Jobs
  • Jobs/Project/Project Budgets
  • Jobs/Budget Report
  • Jobs/Budget Report/Budget Analysis
  • Download Now