Odoo Job Costing Contracting and Job Cost Sheet

Odoo Job Cost Sheet

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Odoo Project Job Costing (Contracting) and Job Cost Sheet

This module allow you to manager any type of project/contracts with its job costing (contracting) and job cost sheets.

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Main Features:

- Allow you to create job cost sheets for your projects/contract.

- Allow you to have Project/Contract with Job orders.

- Allow you to create Project/Job Notes.- Allow you to create Job Order Notes.

- Allow you to manage material requision for Job orders.

- Allow you to set BOQ for Jobs.

- Allow you to configure/setup Material, Labour and Overheads on jobs cost sheet where you can plan for your different jobs of your project/contract.

- Allow you to have multiple job cost sheet for single project/job/contract.

- PDF reports for Job Cost Sheet and Job Orders.

- Allow you to setup project/contract budgets based on analtic accounts.

- Job Types setup for different types of job you are doing for your customers.- Custom job stages for your job orders.

- Allow you to manager jobs issues for your project/contract/jobs.

- Allow you to setup your subcontractors.

- Allow your employee/workers to fill timesheet based on job they are doing and allow to select job cost center on timesheet lines/activities.

- Materials Requisition / BOQ request and manage. This also allow on the fly creating purchase orders from Materials Requisition / BOQ.- Unique sequence for job cost sheets.

- Create subtask/sub jor orders for main job order/task.

- Manage material planning and consumption per job order (Manually).

- Gives complete idea about your planned cost and actual cost since system allow you to setup planned amount for material, labours, overhead on job cost sheet and same time show actual amounts showing on cost sheet automatically. This actual amount is based on linking purchase order, vendor bills, timesheets where system allow you to select Job cost center and Cost line on Purchase order, Vendor bills and Timesheets.

- Main feature of this actual cost is that if you do not select Cost line on Purchase order, Vendor bills and Timesheets then system will crete/add new cost sheet line under that job cost center on confirmation of document.

- For more details: See Video in live preview

Highlighted Steps:

Create Project/Contract -> Create Job Orders -> Create Multiple Job Cost Sheets under Same Project -> Plan your materials, labour and overhead for each Jobs -> View of Planned and Actual Amount/Qty by each Cost Sheet Lines (Material, Labour and Overheads) -> Allow your purchase, accounting and HR department to select cost center (cost sheet) and cost center line (cost sheet line) to encode for expenses and labour works. -> Create Job Order Issues -> Create Material Requision Request -> Prepare Notes/ToDo lists for Projects and Jobs. -> .....

Menus Available:

  • Jobs
    • Job Costs
      • Job Cost Sheets
    • Projects
      • Projects
      • Project Budgets
      • Project Notes
    • Job Orders
      • Job Orders
      • Job Notes
      • Project Issues
    • Sub Contractors
      • Sub Contractors
    • Materials / BOQ
      • Materials
      • Materials Requisition / BOQ
    • Configuration
      • Stages
      • Job Types

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