Odoo Job Estimation to Customer

Job Estimates

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Estimation for Jobs - Material / Labour / Overheads

Send Estimation to your Customers for materials, labour, overheads details in job estimation.

Main Features:

- Allow you to create Job Estimation(s)

- You can add Material Lines on Jon Estimation(s).

- You can add Labour Lines on Jon Estimation(s).

- You can add Overhead Lines on Jon Estimation(s).

- Project selection on Estimation. (Optional).

- Allow you to create Quotation from the Job Estimation.

- Allow you to send email to the customer for job Estimation(s).

- For more details please see below details and Video

Menus Available:

  • Sales
    • Sales
      • Job Estimates

Note: You can check detail screenshots below before buy and make sure it full fill your requirements. For support/configuration and adding new features you can contact us in future - but you have to pay extra cost for that.

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