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Odoo Loan Management

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Employee Loan Management

This module allow HR department to manage loan of employees.


  • Loans
  • Loans/Loans
  • Loans/Loans/Loan Requests
  • Loans/Loans/Loan Requests to Approve
  • Loans/Loans/Loan Installments
  • Loans/Accounting
  • Loans/Accounting/Loans to Disburse
  • Loans/Configuration
  • Loans/Configuration/Loan Proofs
  • Loans/Configuration/Loan Types
  • Loans/Configuration/Loan Policies

 Main Features:

  • Loan Request and Approval
  • Loan Disbursment by Accountant
  • Loan Report
  • Loan Proofs Setup
  • Loan Types Configuration
  • Loan Policy Configuration
  • Repayment of Loan by Payroll - Intergrated with Payroll System
  • Repayment of Loan by Cash/Bank
  • Disbursment using Cash/Bank or Payroll
  • Loan Installments and Booking Interest and Booking entry if repayment method = cash/bank

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