Odoo Machine Repair and Equipment Integration

Machine Repair and Equipment Maintenance

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Odoo Machine Repair & Equipment Maintenance Integration

Machine Repair & Equipment Maintenance Integration for Odoo App

This app allow to create Maintenance Equipment from Machine Repair. Main purpose of module is to link machine with equipment. So you can create equipment of your customer machine and keep record of that equipment in your equipment list and same time odoo will generate maintainance request for periodically so that you can do followup to your customer about maintaiance of your machine / equipments. You can view equipment smart button on machine repair request. Now when customer send machine repair request again in future then you do not need to create equipment again but you can choose it on machine repair form. So you will maintain machine list of your customer in odoo as equipments and keep track on it. Same time you know in machine repair module machine is product in odoo as well. So in summary system allow you to create equipment from machine repair request and then equipment will be listed in odoo equipment menu and it will be then using Maintenance preventive flow it will create Maintenance request.

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Main Features:

  • Repair Manager can create a Equipment for a Machine Repair request:-Repair Manager can create a equipment of a machine repair ticket using Create Equipment button. And also Repair Manager and Repair User can see created equipment on a machine repair ticket.
  • Repair Manager can see a Machine Repair for a Maintenance Equipment:- When click the machine repair button, Repair Manager can show created machine repair ticket of maintenance equipment.
  • Only Machine Repair Manager can Create Equipment:-Only Machine Repair manager see the Create Equipment button on a Machine Repair same time Repair user only can see equipment but he/she not able to create.
  • Users can see all Equipments through Equipment Menu:-Show All Equipments on the Equipment Menu and View all Equipments.
  • Also Repair Manager and Repair User can create and view all Maintenance Requests through Maintenance Request Menu:-Click the Maintenance Request menu and view and create all Maintenance Requests. Same time odoo also create Maintenance request periodically based on configuration on equipment.
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