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Odoo Machine Repair App Extension with Contract, Location and Equipment

This app is extension of machine repair module which allow customer to select Contract, Location and Equipment on website request form..

Main Features:

  • Allow your customers to give contract details on machine repair request form. Using this you are allow your customer to specify contract number during request form from website and your machine repair team can view selected contract/agreement in backend repair ticket. Based on contract selected by your customer from website your team can handle request and do paid or free service based on contract. Contract system using Analytic account approach. So analytic account is contract.
  • Allow your customers to choose which location of your company they want to request repair service. For example if your company has 5 workshop in 5 different cities your customer can choose which location repair request should go. You can configure locations of your company on company settings so those location will be listed on website machine repair request form.
  • Allow your customer to choose specific equipment under that contract. Equipment is nothing but machine/product in backend. So your customer can select equipment and request for specific equipment/machine/product in backend. Your team can view equipment in backend.
  • Allow your machine repair team to view and manage contracts in backend for customers.
  • Your team can configure contract and location on machine/equipment form. This will filter equipment on website machine repair request form. This setup of location and contract on machine / product form your team has to do manually after creating contract (analytic account) for customer in backend.
  • Customer can view submitted information later on My Account portal.
  • Machine repair request PDF.
  • Main purpose of module is to allow your customer/clients to select contract in machine repair request form of website and select location for repair of your company and equipment with serial number.
  • For detail machine repair module you can visit https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/12.0/machine_repair_management/ link which is dependant app for this module.
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