Odoo Password Protected PDF

PDF Password Security

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Password Protected PDF in Odoo

Encrypt PDF Report in Odoo with Password

PDF Secure Password Protection

This app allow to protect your pdf report generated from odoo.

Main Features

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  • Allow you to protect your PDF using encrypt password protection.
  • Allow you to configure password protection code and field to be used for password generate on report action of Odoo.
  • It allows you to configure your password using Code and Field combination as shown in video and screenshots below.
  • System makes a history of password protection made on PDF files.
  • System also makes history for changes on report action if you change code or field for password.
  • If you do not configure password protection in the report action of Odoo then the system will not protect PDF generated using that report action.
  • System support character, integer, float and many2one fields only to use it in password for "Field for PDF Password" and System support character, integer and float fields only to use it in password for "SubField for PDF Password".
  • System only allows to lock type of pdf reports only.
  • We have created one method on user model "custom_search_pdf_security_code" which can help you to show password combinations in your email template as well as in the logic of your custom modules if you want to use it. We have shown one example in a screenshot and video which you can check so you can use it for your custom models/emails/modules to call that method which will return a string which you can show (method will return string to you when you will call it).
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