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Odoo Pet Sittings

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Odoo Pet Sitting / Dog-Animal Walking and Sitting Business Management App

This module allow your company to manage pet sitting and dog/animal walking business.


- Customer can request pet services to your company.

- Sales team can create quote for requested services by customer and send to your customer.- On confirmation of quote, sales team can assign sitter/walker to do job for those services selected on order lines.

- Sales team can schedule pet sitting schedules which create jobs for sitter and walkers

- This is Odoo meeting module which is going to use extensivly in this app.- Sales person can run wizard to create pet schedule and assign job to sitter and walkers

.- Two new groups are created to manage this app: 1. Pet User and 2. Pet Manager

 - Pet manager can schedule repeated meetings/appoinment for pet based on order they have received from customer and bookings.

- Pet information can be store with image of pet and more photos.

- Pet types can be created and link with pet information.- Full Pet Vacacines details on Pet.

- You can manage your clients, accounting, billings, Payroll, Order and all other Odoo apps to manage your pet business along with our app.

- Product will act as pet service and you configure costing for that services of pet business.

- Your customer can view schedules in website portal my account page and they can also view details of their pet from website.

- For more details please watch video.

Created Menus :

  • Pet
    • Pet Information
      • Pets
    • Customer
      • Clients
    • Veterinarian
      • Veterinarians
    • Pet Services
      • Service Templates
      • Services
    • Walker / Sitter
      • Walkers / Sitters
    • Configuration
      • Working Times
      • Pet Types

Defined Reports

  • Print Pet Information
  • Print Meeting

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