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Odoo Process Costing in Manufacturing Process with Accounting Entry

Process Costing Manufacturing Process with Accounting - Odoo App

This app allow you to create accounting entries for process costing (Material Cost, Labour Cost, Overheads) for manufacturing orders.

Main Features:

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  • Allow you to configure "Process Costing Accounting Templates" under configuration.
  • On accounting template you can setup whether you want to create Accounting Entry on When Production Done or Manually.
  • This app allow you to configure your own accounting templates and use that template during manufacturing order for process costing accounting.
  • On accounting templates you will have to configure whether you want process costing accounting when production order done or you want to create it manually. And so based on your setup it will create accounting entries.
  • On manufacturing order you can select accounting template for process costing and based on that it will fill up accounting entry lines. On "Process Costing Accounting" tab on Manufacturing order you can select Accounting Template and once you select accounting template it will fetch all debit/credit lines which you have configured on Template into Manufacturing order form. Now once it will fetch debit/credit account and journal on Manufacturing order for process costing accounting you only have to select which costing you want to push as accounting entry (so you can select "Accounting for" with costing you want in accounting and it will automatically fetch costing total for that MRP order in Cost column.).
  • This app provide accounting template where you can setup your debit account, credit account and journal and then you can use template on production order which will fetch credit/debit account and journal and create lines on production order under "Process Costing Accounting" tab and last step is that your production user has to select "Accounting for" which will bring cost automatically in Cost column.
  • Based on selection of debit/credit account system will create journal entry in accounting once production order done if you have configure production done option on template and if you have selected manually option on template they system will give you button to create accounting entry..
  • This app is very flexible which allow you to create process costing accounting based on your setup of template which will give you facility to provide debit/credit account and journal on template.
  • For more details about process costing feature you can see dependant app "odoo_process_costing_manufacturing" which will show you how process costing work for production.
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