Odoo Project Analytic Profit and Loss Report

Profit and Loss Report

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Project / Analytic Account Profit and Loss Report in Odoo

Profit and Loss for Project and Analytic Account

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This app allow you to print Profit and Loss report for selected Analytic Accounts / Project.

Main Features

  • Allow you to print profit and loss report in pdf format for analytic account and projects. This report is build based on analytic items / analytic entries in Odoo which comes from various source like customer invoice, vendor bill, timesheets etc etc...
  • You can select start and end period on wizard and anlaytic accounts and system will print Profit and loss report for that.
  • For more details please check below screenshots and watch the video.

Menus Available:

  • Invoicing
    • Reporting
      • Analytic Profit and Loss

Important Note: For Anlaytic entries (Analytic Items) where Financial Account is set system will show it on Profit and Loss report as Financial Account name but for Analytic Entries where Financial Account is not available on analytic lines then system will show it as Other Income or Other expenese (For e.g. Timesheet Entries does not have financial account set on its anlaytic lines.).

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