Odoo Quality Check Management on Task of Project

Task Quality Checks and Quality Alerts

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Quality Check and Alert Management on Tasks

Quality Checks, Alerts and Quality Control Points

Project Task Quality Check And Alerts

This app allow you to create quality checks from task of project and raise quality alert and quality control points setup.

Main Features:

  • Create Quality Checks from Project Task.
  • Allow to raise Quality Alerts from Quality Check.
  • Integrated quality check, control points and Alerts with each other and showing links using smart buttons on respected form.
  • Quality alerts on quality check.
  • Allow you to setup Quality Control Points which will then used in Quality checks.
  • Allow you to configure quality team, quality type, quality reason and quality tags.
  • Module will match with all kind of projects like IT project, Construction project, Jobs, Consultancy, etc etc. So you can use this app to manage any kind of project and tasks to manage quality and alerts
  • For more details please see below screenshots and watch video.

Roles and Responsibility by Groups:

  • Quality Manager
    • Quality Manager can see all Quality Checks, Alerts and Control Points.
  • Quality User
    • Quality User can see own Quality Checks, Alerts and view all control points.
  • Project Manager
    • Project Manager can see all Quality Checks, Alerts and Control Points.
  • Project User
    • Project User can show own task Checks, Alerts and see all Control Points.

Menus Available:

  • Project
    • Quality Management
      • Control Points
      • Quality Checks
      • Quality Alerts
    • Reporting
      • Quality Checks
      • Quality Alerts
    • Configuration
      • Quality Teams
      • Quality Types
      • Quality Tags
      • Quality Reasons¬†

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