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Odoo Rental and Agreement/Contract Management and Website Rental Product Sales

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This module allow you to manager your rental products and its agreement with your customers. Also it allow you to sales product/item on Ecommerce shop. This also allow your customer to use portal to see their agreements and print it.

This app will work for all kind of Rental business/Industry. You can use this app to rent any kind of Products/Items, Home, Car, Bike, Service on Rent, AC, TV, Office Rent, and many more... It is made as generic so it can fit all industry.

Main Features:

- Allow Sales Manager to create Rental Products.

- Allow custom notes to add on rental products which will be shown on Website shop/Ecommerce.

- It will allow product stock availiblity on website shop for rental products.

- Customer can buy rental products directly using Odoo Shop/Ecommerce. This will create Rental order (Odoo Orders) in backend and contract automatically.- Allow your customers to select start date and end date for rent of that product.

- Allow Sales team to confirm rental orders.

- System will create contract/agreement when confirmed to rental order.

- Contracts from Rental Contracts button on rental order to jump to related contract/agreements.

- Allowed Sales team to create Invoices and recurring invoices.

- Adding Analytic account/ contract by order line level and then passed that to related invoice of that rental orders.

- System all you to Exchang Products on running contract when product have get any issue or another reasons. So its very dynamic you can exchange rental products on live contracts- Allowed Generate Invocie from rental subscriptions for Contract.- Odoo Quote report with start and end dates of rental.

- Rental contract/agreement will be created per rental/order lines. For example if you are having 3 rental lines in order then system will create three different contract/agreement by considering start and end dates.

- For more details about contract and agreement process you can see https://www.odoo.com/apps/modules/10.0/contract_recurring_invoice_analytic/ which is depends on this app.- For customer portal please see https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/10.0/subscription_contract_customer_portal.

- For more details please see Video in Live Preview.

Highlighted Steps:

Create Rental Product:

Create Rental Product->Tick "Is Rental Product"->Tick Website Show Avialability.

Ecommerce/Shop Request for Product on Rent by Customer:

Start Date End Date on Cart-> Add to Cart -> Purchased rental product online -> Confirm Order -> Contract Created -> Agreement Print -> Recurring rental invoices to customer -> Customer Portal to view contracts.

Confirm Quotation:

Confirm Quotation -> Create Contract -> Exchange Product -> Create Invoice

System Menus:

  • Rental
    • Orders
      • Rental Quotations
      • Rental Orders
    • Products
      • Rental Products
      • Rental Product Variants
    • Contratcs
      • Rental Contracts
    • Invoicing
      • Rental Invoices

Note: You can check detail screenshots below before buy and make sure it full fill your requirements. For support/configuration and adding new features you can contact us.

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