Odoo Sales Contract Subcription and Recurrning Invoice

Odoo Sales Contract Subscription

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Odoo Subscription and Contract Management 
Sales Contract and Recurring Invoice
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This module allow you to create product for warranty/maintenance/subscription and based on that product on Sales order line it will create sales contract for that customer automatically on confirmation of sales order. It is also allowing you to create recurrinig invoice from contract based on period configured on contract. It also support in future if you sale some more service on same contract then you can select that contract on quote/sales order and it will append that line on contract.

    Main Features:

    - Allow you to create product for subscription so product which are set as subscription product then system will automatically create contract/subscription when sales order of that product is confirmed.

    - Allow your sales team and accounting team to work on Subscription/Contract created from Sales order.

    - Details of Sales order and Sales order lines will be available on Subscription/Contract form.

    - Subscription lines will be available on Subscription form which are created from Sales order.

    - Allow you to setup recurring period on Subscription and invoice based on that.

    - Quick generate customer invoice from Subscription form.

    - Cron Job to automate invoice creation process by system untill Subscription reached its end date.

    - Mass customer invoice generation facility for Subscription.

    - Print Subscription/Contract in PDF format.

    - If Subscription / Contract on Sales order then system will just append new Subscription lines inside that and will not create new Subscription for that sales order.


    For customer portal you can purchase https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/10.0/subscription_contract_customer_portal/

This module create below menu(s):

  • - Sales/Sales/Contracts

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