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Website Ecommerce Customer Rating and Feedback

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Website Ecommerce Shop Customer Rating and Feedback for Sales Order - Odoo App

This app allow your customer to gives rating and feedback of sales orders once sales order confirmed. Your customer(s) can give rating and feedback on purchase he/she made from you using your website ecommerce/shop or using manually sales order in backend directly. Feedack and Rating request email will be send to your customer when he/she will confirm sales order. So once sales order confirmed then system will automatically send email to customer requesting rating and feedback for purchase made and same time system also allow your customer to give feedback/rating in future by going into My Account Portal orders list.

Main Features:

  • Customer rating and feedback on ecommerce shop sales order or backend sales order manually. When sales order confirmed via ecommerce flow or backend directly system will send email to customer.
  • Allow customer to fill feedback and give rating form on website for specific sales order.
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