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Odoo Tripple Approval Sales Quote and Order

Sales Approval Workflow

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This app allow your workflow on sales order for tripple approval levels based on configuration of amounts and limiation of approval.

Approval Sales Order Tripple: Department/Sales Manager -> Finance Manager -> Director Approval.System is flexible to have approval buttons based on amounts configured on company form. For example if sales amount less 5000 then in only required single level approval but if amount of purchase order is greater then 5000 and less 8000 then it will need Sales manager + Finance manager approval..

Main Features

* Added Finance Approval Start Range, Stop Range.* Added Director Approval Start Range, Stop Range.

Menus Available:

  • Sales
  • -- Sales/Orders Approval
  • -- Sales/Orders Approval/Department Approvals
  • -- Sales/Orders Approval/Director Approvals
  • -- Sales/Orders Approval/Finance Approvals
  • Invoicing
  • -- Invoicing/Sales/Orders Approval
  • -- Invoicing/Sales/Orders Approval/Finance Approvals
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