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Sales Team Members Customer Access Restriction

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Sales Team Own Customers/Contacts

Salesperson Own Customers/Contacts

Customers/Contacts Filter on Sale Orders and Invoice for Sales Team

Sales Team Members Access to Own Customers / Contact in Odoo

This app allows your sales team to see your own customers/contacts on sales order and invoice view. And also it restricts salespeople / sales team members on the sales team to see all the contacts in the contacts menu of Odoo.

Main Features:

  • Sales Team Members can view only customers/contact where he/she is set as Salespersons list and/or is a member of Sales Team.
  • Allow you to set multiple Salesperson(s) on customer/contact and Sales Team on customer form. So only selected Salespersons and/or sales team members can see contacts/customers in the list.
  • Salesperson and Sales Team Member(s) (selected sales team) on Quote/Sales order can view and select his/her own customers/contacts only.
  • Salesperson and Sales Team Member(s) on Invoice/Bill can view and select his/her own customers only.
  • Own customers on sales order and invoice forms for salesperson login. Make sure you set the "View Limited Customers" group on that Salesperson related user form. So limitations will be applicable to only users who have set as a "View Limited Customers" group.
  • Allow your Salesperson and and Sales Team Member(s) to see Own Customer(s)/ Contact(s)/ Vendor(s).
  • Allow your Salesperson and Sales Team Member(s) to see Own customers in the Sale Order.
  • Allow your Salesperson and Sales Team Member(s) to see Own Customers into Invoices.
  • Managers can assign Multiple Salesperson and one Sales Team to customer form as shown in below screenshots.
  • Add Multiple Salespersons or one Salesperson into the Salesperson field on customer/contact form.
  • While creating an invoice from the sales order system will pass the Salespersons.
  • dependant app: You can click here https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/13.0/sales_person_customer_access to view details about Salesperson access.
  • This app is extension of https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/13.0/sales_person_customer_access module so in this app we have added Sales Team selection on customer form which is extension to original / dependant app.https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/13.0/sales_person_customer_access
  • For more details please see below screenshots and watch video.
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