Odoo Subscription Contract Upsell

Upsell on Sales Contract

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Odoo Upsell on Subscription / Contract / Recurring

Only for Odoo Community Edition

This module allow your sales team to do Upsell on Subscription / Recurring Contract.

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Main Features:

  • Allow sales team to make upsell on Customer Contract / Subscription.
  • Options during upsell are: You can directly update contract lines / create new contract lines or you can create sales quotations.
  • You can View upsell Contract History on Contract.
  • View Sales Order on Contract.
  • Option 1
    • Update existing contract/subscription line while doing upsell if product match with existing contract/subscription line.
  • Option 2
    • System will create new contract/subscription line if product does not match in existing contract/subscription lines
  • Option 3
    • Create Sales Quote from upsell and then once sales order confirm system will append/modify contract/subscription lines.
  •  Only for odoo community edition.
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