Odoo Transport Management and Routes

Odoo Transport Management

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Odoo Transport Management and Delivery Routes

Main Features:

- Allow you to configure all your transporters.

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- Allow you to configure Transport Routes.

- Allow you to configure Transport Location which will be used in Routes.

- Vehicle information of transporter as master data.

- Allow you to select transporter on Sales Quote / Order form which will be passed to Delivery Order.

- Allow you to select Vehicle, Parcels, Route, LR number etc on delivery order form.

- When Delivery order validate then system will create automatically Transport entry.

- Odoo Delivery order / picking PDF report show Tranport details.

- Allow you to reschedle anytime on your transport entry.

- Allow you to halt anytime on your transport entry.

- reschedle will create new transport entry for related picking/delivery order.

- Transport Entry and PDF report.

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