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Odoo Ecommerce Product Bundle/Pack Website Sale

This module allow you to sale product bundle / pack in ecommerce shop website.

Main Features:

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- Allow your customers of website ecommerce buy Pack / Bundle Products.

- Allow Sales team to create Pack / Bundle Products in backend.

- Allow to add products into the Pack / Bundle to configure bundle.- For more details please see Video in Live Preview.

- When any order from website get confirmed system/app will add products which are inside that bundle into Sales order line automatically and pass that to delivery order / picking. Please note that on confirmation it adds products inside bundle so while your customer purchasing bundle from website shop he/she only purchase bundle.

- Same time you can sale individual product from website as Odoo standard out of box shop. Even products inside bundle can be sale individually from shop which is Odoo standard.

- If you have any questions before buy you can contact us.

- Depends on odoo_product_pack_bundle so you have to buy that as well.

Highlighted Steps:

Create Pack / Bundle Product->Tick "Is Bundled".

Select Pack / Bundle Product (By Portal user / Customer):

Select Pack / Bundle Product -> Add to Cart Product:

Confirm Order when Customer Pay from Shop:

System Menus:

  • Sales
    • Sales
      • Bundle Products

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