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Odoo Website Product Stock Availability Status

Allow your customers to see product is available in stock or out of stock as status message. We have used Availability and Availability Warning feature of Odoo standard and enhance it so that cron job will automatically identify status of your product stock and update both Odoo standard Availability and Availability Warning fields. So your website shop / Ecommerce will have status dynamically updated for your product items on website shop page. 

Supported only with product variants feature installed. (Settings to activate variant in Odoo under Sales/Settings: Products can have several attributes, defining variants (Example: size, color,...))

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This module will work together with website Availability feature already on Odoo standard but this module will automatically change status of Availability on Availability field on product form.

Cron will run daily and check status for stock and update Availability field on every product which has Website Show Availability? is checked. 

Settings/Technical/Scheduled Actions/Product Stock Availability Cron

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