PSQL Query Run in Odoo User Interface

Query run Odoo PSQL User Interface

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PSQL Query Run in User Interface in Odoo

Query Run User Interface in Odoo and Output in Excel

This app allow you to execute query directly in Odoo user backend interface and give output in excel for select query.Main Features

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  • "Run SQL Query" group users can run query so you have to set this group on user form.
  • Allow user to run psql query on same database where he/she is logged in.
  • After running query of select system will give output of result in excel format.
  • For update, delete and other query system will show message on same screen.
  • Logs will be recorded on every query user run.
  • Allow you to view model name and field which can be used in query.
  • Query will run into Database directly so make sure before pressing run command.
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