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Odoo Rental Product

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Odoo Product/Item/Equipment/Vehicle Rental Management

This app allow rental management business for Product/Item/Equipment/Vehicles.

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Main Features:

  • Allow you to configure rental prices on product form. This will give you feature where you can set rent price / day based on rental periods/count.
  • You can set which product will be act as rental product and which one will act as Sales product.
  • Allow you to configure weekend prices on product form.
  • Allow you to set minimum rental days on product form.
  • Customer can choose now start and end datetime of rental period and system will show availibility and prices accordingly.
  • If customer rent product for weekend then system will show weekend prices. If you have not configure weekend price or you do not want to apply or use weekend price then system will show price set based of days. So system is flexible enough.
  • System will show summary of status of cart page on website.
  • Sales order will keep information of rental.
  • On confirmation of sales order system will create stock reservation record automatically.
  • Allow you to configure weekend price based on closing days.
  • Non rental product which are actually going to sale to customer won't effected by rental system.
  • Passing information of rental from sales order to Customer invoice.
  • System will show status/warning message in different places on website product and cart page but will not forcefully restrict customer if product is not available. System is expecting that customer will see message and get to know status and then can choose other period or will skip that product.
  • System is respecting stock on hand quantity and reservations and based on that is show status to customer.
  • For more details see below screenshots.
  • This module/app is only supporting Odoo Community Edition


  • Case 1 - Normal Rental of Product on Website
  • Case 2 - Rental Product with Minimum Rent
  • Case 3 - Rental Product on Weekend Days
  • Case 4 - Rental Product on Weekend Days with Closing Days
  • Case 5 - Non Rental Products

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