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Odoo Website Shop Customer Rewards & Redeems Odoo

This app provide feature on website shop to allow your customer to get rewards on shopping and redeem it.

This module allow your customer on shop/ecommerce website to get reward points on each purchase they are making on your website. Points will be multiply with qty purchased for specific product. So if customer buy for example 5 piece of mobile and reward points configure on mobile in backend is 100 points then your customer will get total 500 points as reward. (Reward points will be counted on each sales confirmation in backend.).

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Customer can redeem points from page given on their account website and on time of redeem they can select redeem products and redeem now and that will create quotation/order in backend with zero price and once they order get confirm system will reduce points from their account.Redeem products/ gift products can be configured in backend as product with "Can be Redeemed" - Only those product will be appear in redeem process on website.Tested with Odoo standard theme and shop only.

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