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Odoo Public User Invitation by Portal

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        This module allow portal user to invite other users in his/her network as well allow public user to come on your website and request for membership/joining system to existing portal users. Emails will be sent on every actions of workflow... History will be maintained on each actions of workflow.

        There are two kind of invitation we have build on this app: 

        First :Invitation Request workflow: 

        1. 1- On My account link portal users of your website there will be button called "Invitation Request". 

        2. 2- When portal user click on invitation request he/she can enter name and email of a person who he wants to invite. 

        3. 3- After filling name and email the system will send email to this(person) email with link to join system. 

        4. 4- If a person clicks the link this means that he/she accepted the invitation and a page opens to him with "thank you for accepting invitation please check your email to reset your password". 

        5. 5- After user accepts the invitation the system will create to this person as a user of system with this email and name. 

        6. 6- After creation the user the system will send email to that person to reset his/her password. 


        Second : Joint Request workflow: 

        1. 1- There will be search box (Join Request page) in the website so that if a person write email (of existing portal user of your system) the public info of this email will appears like name, address etc... 

        2. 2- In this public page it will have button called "Request Inviation". 

        3. 3- When a person press the Request Inviation button it will open page to him to enter email and and name. 

        4. 4- Once the person will fill data and confirm then their name, email record will be created in sytem. 

        5. 5- If the user of public page accepts (portal user) the join request-> the system will send email to the person with link to reset the password. 

        Summary of Second Workflow:
        1- The visitor will search on the portal user by email using the search box. 
        2- If this email found so the info of this portal user will appear to the visitor including button called Request Inviation. 
        3- If the email not found an empty page will appear says that this email not found.
        4- After a visitor press Request Inviation button a new page will be opened. 
        5- the visitor will fill in this new page his/him name and email then press Send Invitation.
        6- The system will take the name and email of the visitor and creates user to him/ her.
        7- The system will send email to the portal user that visitor with name .... and email .... wants to join the system. do you accept or reject?
        8- if the portal user accepts the join request, the system will sends email to the visitor that his joining request got accepted and the system will provide him with link to reset his password. In this case the visitor will be portal user in the system and can sends invitation requests normally and his page has join request button and he/she can use to expand network of users of your system. 9- in case the portal user does not accept the invitation so the created history record will remain in draft state.

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