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Water Supply Request with MRP Production

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Water Supply Request with Manufacturing Order MRP

Manufacturing Order from Water Supply Request Odoo App

This app allows you to create manufacturing orders of MRP from water supply requests as shown in below screenshots.

Main Features :

Odoo CMS- Sample image floating
  • Allow you to specify manufacturing products on the water supply request form and using it, the system can create manufacturing orders directly from the water supply request form. (Please make sure your water supply user who is creating a manufacturing order should have a manufacturing group assigned otherwise you will get an access error from Odoo).
  • System sets the Water Supply Request Reference on Created Manufacturing Order form.
  • Smart button on water supply request form to view manufacturing orders.
  • Using this module you can integrate manufacturing operations with water supply requests so all the water supply request services can be handled and managed using work order operations of mrp of Odoo standard mrp work orders.
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