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Website Customer Support Ticket Management

This module allow to customer to send request from website support page.

Main Features
* Customer can send support/maintenance/service request from website.
* Generation of unique ticket on submission and send it by email to customer and record it on backend.
* Customer can check status of all support tickets.
* Customer can search support request by support ticket number allocated to them.
* Print PDF - Support Ticket

Customer ID field is added on customer form that will allow your customer to request from website and that will be used to map your customer. Note that this module is independent from subscription/contract management.

We have created Support User and Support Manager groups under settings/users/groups to control whole process. Stages are also configurable as per your business requirements and support flow.

Support Request Stages/Workflow: New->Assigned-> Work in Progress-> Needs More Info ->Needs Reply-> Reopened ->Solution Suggested ->Closed

Menus Available:

  • Portal/Projects/Support Requests
  • Support Ticket
  • Support Ticket/Configuration
  • Support Ticket/Configuration/Support Stages
  • Support Ticket/Support Ticket
  • Support Ticket/Support Ticket/Support Requests