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Account Tax Report

This module allows user to print tax report in Odoo version 9.0. Structure of tax report is build same like financial report. User can configure taxes (Chart of taxes) and it will create the tax report hierarchy, and hierarchy will be used in print tax report. We have added option to display details (Journal Items) on wizard which will allow user to analyse report in details.. 

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Survey (Ratings - Results - Actions)

This module provide extended features on survey module:

* Survey Rating Based On Answers and Rules

* Survey Results Based On Answers and Rules

* Survey Actions Based On Answers and Rules

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Product Stock & Availability On E-commerce

This module add features on E-commerce to show product stock in warehouse and availibility status.* Warning Message "In Stock", If product stock available * Warning Message "Out of Stock", If product stock not available

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Account Voucher Reports (Version 8.0)

This module will allows to print report for:

  * Sales Receipt

  * Customer Payment

  * Purchase Receipt

  * Supplier Payment

Website Order Comments

  This module enables the feature to allow customer to add comment on website sale order.

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Website Quotation Reminder - Recurring

This module allows to create quotation from website by sending reminder email to customers every month on specific dates (Day can be configured on customer form.).

Customer will get link and on click of that link customer will redirect to website (See below screenshot for more details.) and select products (Max 10 order lines can be selected on one order for different products.).